Many Thanks to All for a Special SLCC10…

Filthy Fluno and Olivia Hotshot, two of more than 90 presenters
at the convention, flash smiles and peace signs on the last day of SLCC10.
Image courtesy Olivia Hotshot.

We hope you’ll forgive us for the delay in updating the blog, most of the SLCC team is either just arriving home or still traveling (waves to the Europeans, Australians, and New Zealanders!), but soon we’ll have links to videos, transcripts, pictures, podcasts, post-mortems and more when we’ve had a chance to catch up on sleep…

But before sleep, we must offer our heartfelt thanks to all those who helped make SLCC10 happen – and you know who you are – truly, thank you. Thanks to everyone who attended, sponsored, volunteered, presented, performed, streamed, moderated, blogged, tweeted, built, filmed, and in a million other ways worked so hard to make the 6th Annual Second Life Community Convention a truly special experience this year. YOU are the “community” in the convention, and it wouldn’t happen without you.

Congratulations to all and safe travels until we see each other in world!   :)

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Philip Rosedale Coming to Boston & Schedule Changes

Philip Rosedale (SL: Philip Linden) comes to Boston to deliver
keynote address at 10:30am EDT (7:30am SLT).

Philip to Deliver Keynote in Boston

We’re excited to announce that Philip Rosedale (SL: Philip Linden) will be delivering his keynote address in-person on Saturday, 8/14 at 10:30am in the Imperial Ballroom.  In-world SLCC attendees will be able to view the stream from The Hatch at 7:30am SLT on the SLCC sims.

Changes to the Saturday AM Schedule

Please see the revised General Schedule (PDF) to view the changes to the Saturday morning program.   There will be no sessions at 8am EDT, instead the program will begin at 9am with the Formal Welcome & Introduction session.   Then, Philip Rosedale will speak at 10:30am, and all sessions scheduled to begin at 11:00am will instead begin at 11:30am and end at noon for lunch.  David Levine (SL: Zha Ewry), who was scheduled to speak about “Content on the Greater Grid” at 10:30am on Saturday will instead present at 4:00pm on Sunday in Thoreau.

Thanks  to all the presenters for their flexibility and we look forward to seeing everyone in the Imperial Ballroom at 9am tomorrow morning!

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Welcome to Boston! Stay tuned for schedule changes…

Volunteers stuffing the bags and rolling tshirts on Thursday…
Photo courtesy Sitearm

The 6th Annual Second Life Community Convention welcomes you to Boston! Our volunteers have been hard at work since yesterday preparing for the weekend’s activities, and we are excited about the many terrific sessions, socials, and activities lined up for the convention!

See the General Schedule (Boston) and General Schedule (inSL) for a quick overview, though note that we are aware of pending schedule changes for Saturday morning.  Rumor has it a certain CEO may be able to join us in person!  More to come soon..

The full program is available online for those arriving in Boston, and those in-world should stay tuned to the In-World SLCC page for links to schedules in SLT, SLurls, UStream channels, etc.

Boston peeps: Registration opens from 4pm to 7pm today and don’t forget about the evening’s social events organized by other attendees!

6PM – 9PM EDT – Mixing Business with Pleasure

Organizer: Mary Ellen Gordon (SL: Pebbles Hanya)
Legal Sea Food restaurant
Public or Private: Private
RSVP Requested to:

Description: Please join business track presenters, volunteers, and friends for drinks and dinner on Friday, August 13th. The dinner will be at Legal Seafood, which is a Boston institution just a couple of blocks from the conference hotel.  Unless someone wants to sponsor the dinner, we will all be paying our own way, but it will be a great opportunity to catch up with SL friends and perhaps meet the RL people behind some of the avatars you’ve dealt with or heard about in the SL business community.    We will be ordering off the main menu, but need to track numbers due to the room size so please remember to RSVP.

7PM – 11PM EDT – SLCC Boston Metaverse Meetup & Blarney Stone On Tour

Organizer: Joyce Bettencourt (SL: Rhiannon Chatnoir) & Jason Pramas (SL: Sunseeker Miklos)
Location: encuentro 5, 33 Harrison Ave., 5th Flr., Boston, MA 02111
Public or Private: Public
RSVP Requested to:

Description: Open Media Boston and the Boston Second Life Meetup Group welcomes SLCC10 attendees to a night of mixed reality, music and mingling at encuentro 5.  The evening’s events will include the Blarney Stone On Tour and light refreshments to be served with a suggested donation of $5 at the door.

The Blarney Stone On Tour: In keeping with SLCC tradition, The Blarney Stone Pub (SL’s most famous Virtual bar) brings a little taste of its Irish Charm to Boston.  Craic agus Ceol ( Fun and Music) and an Irish Welcome!  We are joined by our good friends from Molasky’s Pub, live music from Second Life musicians from 8PM to 10PM, and hosted by Open Media Boston!

Welcome to Boston and stay tuned for more updates as we have them!

SLCC Keynote Speakers & Evening Socials Announced

Keynote Speakers

Saturday AM Keynote Speaker:  Philip Rosedale (SL: Philip Linden)
Saturday, 8/14 from 8AM to 9AM EDT

Philip recently returned as interim CEO after Mark Kingdon stepped down in July, and we expect that he’ll address the company’s future direction and Linden Lab’s “return to the basics” of improving the core Second Life experience.   In a recent post on the Second Life blogs, Philip talked frankly about addressing Resident’s concerns.  “We need to get back to being the first to invent and deliver the solutions that evolve virtual worlds,” said Rosedale, “We are still at the beginning of a huge market.”   Rosedale’s speech will be delivered in world and simultaneously webcast to attendees of the Second Life Community Convention in Boston on Saturday morning.

“Rezzing Prims and Painting the Future”  Doug Thompson  (SL: Dusan Writer)
Saturday, 8/14 from 1PM to 2PM EDT

Second Life gets one thing absolutely right: its ability to paint a picture of the future.  Through Second Life, we begin to understand how our lives will evolve and change because of technology; the promise and peril of increased virtuality; and the larger implications of an individual’s ability to rez a prim. Drawing from lessons and discussions with leading thinkers, this presentation will take a rapid tour through how Second Life is informed by (and informs) disciplines as diverse as game design and theory, architecture, organizational development, innovation, spirituality, content creation, commerce, governance and branding. As the pace of technology continues to accelerate, how can Second Life continue to be a source of rich value, connections and insights and is there a continued role in this changing landscape for the act of rezzing a prim?

“Pioneers in Virtual Worlds:  Your Time Is Always Now” John Lester (SL: Pathfinder Lester)
Sunday, 8/15 from 8AM to 9AM EDT

Platforms for creativity and community will always arise, grow and change over time. Regardless of the nature of any specific platform, it’s the users of those platforms, specifically people with pioneering spirits and creative ideas, who drive innovation within the platform as well as the inevitable development of new platforms. In this keynote, John will talk about pioneers in Virtual Worlds, exploring their role in a constellation of available tools for creative expression and communication. He will discuss why community building is critical to the evolution of any creative platform and why cultural understanding is the most important factor for success that needs to be cultivated by both platform creators and users. New challenges always create new opportunities, and John’s keynote will highlight why the time of pioneers in Virtual Worlds is…and always will be…*now.*

“The Second Life Viewer: What’s Next?”
Kent Quirk (SL: Q Linden), Scott Lawrence (SL: Oz Linden), and Sarah Hutchinson (SL: Esbee Linden)

Sunday, 8/15 from 1PM to 2PM EDT

Linden Lab spent the better part of the last two years working heads down on Viewer 2. The focus was on creating a Viewer that would be easier for new users to adopt. It has become clear, however, that this design did not meet the needs of an important fraction of our existing Resident community. We’re now embarking on a new, more open and collaborative approach. The people leading this effort will explain what, why, and how in a special panel keynote session.

Saturday Evening Social Events

Tallguy Kidd performs at SLCC09.
Image courtesy isfullofcrap.

Second Life Musicians Showcase:  Music ‘R’ Us
Saturday, 8/14 from 7PM to 9:30PM

Saturday night, get your dancing shoes on to enjoy the live musical performances of a great line-up of Second Life musicians!  The evening will include performances from individual musicians as well as old and new musical friends, including Jean Munro, Mash Rhode, Gandalf Mornington, Stratus Mactavish, Tamra Sands, Handarido Optera, Edmund Collins, Edward Lowell, Dann Numbers, Casias Falta, Debi Latte and Katydid Something.   The entertainment will be emcee’d by the inestimable Lauren Weyland.

AvaCon Presents the Avatar Ball:  Come As Your Avatar or As You Are!
Saturday, 8/14 from 10PM to 1AM

Saturday evening, AvaCon will host a premier social event open to all SLCC attendees.   The theme of this year’s event is to “Come as Your Avatar”, or if you don’t feel like getting into full costume, you can just come as you are!  Meet up with Second Life friends and colleagues while everyone brings their SL Avatars to real life at the Avatar Ball!  Lively DJ’s will be spinning the best dance music of the 80’s, 90’s, 00’s, and today. There will be several surprising door-prize give-aways throughout the night, all generously donated by our wonderful sponsors, a “Best Dressed” contest and (for fun!) a “Worst Dressed” contest, a cash bar, and we’ll be dancing all night long!

Sunday Evening Social Events

“LIFE 2.0” Feature Film Screening and Q&A with Director Jason Spingarn-Koff
Sunday, 8/15 from 7:30PM to 10PM

Sunday evening after the convention formally closes, join us for a private screening  of the feature film documentary “LIFE 2.0” with the film’s director, Jason Spingarn-Koff, and a Q&A session to follow.  “LIFE 2.0” is about an upgrade of the human operating system — where life is no longer determined just by atoms, but also by bits. It’s about a remaking of identity, relationships, and the nature of reality. First time feature director Jason Spingarn-Koff digs deeply into the core of basic human interaction by assuming his own avatar and immersing himself in the worlds of Second Life residents – whose real lives have been drastically transformed by the new lives they lead in cyberspace. In doing so, he manages to create an intimate, character-based drama that forces us to question not only who we are, but who we long to be.

Call for Memorials: SL Residents Who Have Passed Away

Memorial to Taffy Taliaferro, who passed away in late 2009.

It is an annual tradition to print an “In Memoriam…” section in the Second Life Community Convention program to honor and celebrate the loved ones, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances that we have lost in the past year.   Not only is this an important way to recognize those who have passed on, often people discover for the first time that they’ve lost a friend by seeing the person’s name in the program.

Please help us spread the word through your communities and networks, and complete the form on the In Memoriam.. page to add their name to the printed program.   The deadline for memorials is July 29th and we offer our sympathies to all who have lost a friend, colleague, or loved one.

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Day Passes Now Available

Due to popular demand, day passes are now available for Saturday or Sunday only attendance at the Second Life Community Convention.  The Day Passes will cover all content and social events scheduled for that date, including the Saturday evening Second Life Musicians Showcase: Music ‘R’ Us and the Avatar Ball, as well as the tshirt, totebag, and other convention give-away items.

Day Passes are only available for purchase through the registration page and will NOT be available for sale on-site.

Also note, all attendees must wear their convention badges at all times and those without an appropriate pass will not be permitted to enter convention spaces, including breakout rooms, the convention lounge, and other reserved locations.   In years past, some have planned to “crash the convention” without registering, but we must be fair to those who have paid to attend.

The Second Life Community Convention could not take place without the financial support of the community and our sponsors, so please encourage your friends and colleagues to do the right thing and register today!

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Philip Rosedale to Keynote the Second Life Community Convention 2010

Philip Rosedale (SL: Philip Linden) keynotes SLCC 2009.
Image courtesy Olando7

We’re excited to announce that Philip Rosedale (SL: Philip Linden) will be giving a keynote address on Saturday morning at the Second Life Community Convention!

Philip recently returned as interim CEO after Mark Kingdon stepped down in July, and we expect that he’ll address the company’s future direction and Linden Lab’s “return to the basics” of improving the core Second Life experience.

In a recent post on the Second Life blogs, Philip talked frankly about addressing Resident’s concerns.  “We need to get back to being the first to invent and deliver the solutions that evolve virtual worlds,” said Rosedale, “We are still at the beginning of a huge market.”

Rosedale’s speech will be delivered in world and simultaneously webcast to attendees of the Second Life Community Convention in Boston on Saturday morning, August 14th, at 8AM EST/5AM PST.


Not yet registered for SLCC?
Click here to receive 10% off the registration price!

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Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable Giving SLCC Ticket Away To Members

An exciting note from one of our sponsors:

The Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable (VWER) is pleased to be providing a paid registration for the Second Life Community Convention to one of our members. In order to be eligible, you must be a member of our Second Life in-world group OR our Facebook Group (both are open registration) and you must complete the following application

The deadline for submission is July 28th. Responses will be reviewed by a panel and successful applicants will be notified on July 30th and must be registered by July 31st.

The Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable has meet each week for over two years to discuss important or relevant issues to educators of all types and from all over the world.  Details for weekly meeting are posted to our in-world group, our Facebook group, and also to our web page – You can also find us on Twitter @VWER.

Hope to see you in Boston!

AJ Kelton (SL: AJ Brooks)
Founder and Chief Moderator,
Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable

Many thanks to the VWER folks for their generosity and best of luck to all the applicants – we look forward to seeing the lucky winner in Boston!

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Proposal Submission Closed, Schedule Coming Soon!

A big shout out and thank you to everyone who submitted a proposal to present at the Second Life Community Convention 2010!

We received over 75 proposals for presentations, panels, discussions, workshops, live music performances, Speed Sparks, and much more in the last few weeks and our Track Leaders are now hard at work reviewing all of the submissions and helping put together a tentative schedule.  In the next week, those who submitted proposals will be receiving more information about whether their proposal was accepted and we should have a schedule of events posted soon.

Thanks for your patience and in the meantime, please be sure to register for the convention and reserve your hotel room ASAP!  Technically our room block is sold out, but the hotel is working with us to make some more rooms available – so get registered now to be where the action is!   The link to receive the SLCC discount for the hotel room will be included in the confirmation email you receive when you register for the convention.

As a reminder, the discount only applies to those who register for SLCC so be sure to register today!

6 Things You Can Do To Make SLCC 2010 Great (Even if you can’t attend in person)

Help spread the word about SLCC 2010!  Pick up a Promo Pack at

1)  Share your work at SLCC – Submit a Proposal!

If you have an idea for a panel, performance or workshop that you would like to present at the convention, please submit a proposal online.  Don’t feel like doing a full presentation? No problem!  Speed Sparks allow you to share the essence of your good idea with 20 slides in 5 minutes for lightning rounds of quick info sharing.   Be sure to submit your proposal online and give us as much detail as possible.   Proposals are due by July 15th, and will be reviewed in the order they are received.

2)  Join the team – Volunteer!

The convention is a completely volunteer run and managed event and we welcome anyone interested in helping out on the ground in Boston.  For just a few hours of your time, you can help make sure SLCC is a great event by helping with registration, assisting with A/V and tech support, or other logistical needs of the convention.  In appreciation for your help, Volunteers are treated to a welcoming pizza party before the convention begins and get to take home a special SLCC10 volunteer t-shirt!   Join the team by becoming a Volunteer in Boston!

Can’t come to SLCC in person?  We still need help building the SLCC 2010 venue in-world, and we’ll need moderators, greeters, and other folks to help out with the streams, so Volunteer In-World too!

3)  Be a host – plan an Evening Social!

There will be evening breaks built into the schedule all three nights (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) to give everyone time to have dinner and relax before the next activity.  It’s a perfect opportunity to network and meet other Second Life residents, or just plain have fun with people who share your interests.   Organize a dinner outing, a Birds-of-a-Feather meet up, or other social event at the Social Events & Mixers page!

4)  Support the convention – Sponsor SLCC!

Get your name, institution, or business out to the Second Life community!  Sponsorship packages begin at $25 USD and go up to $5000 USD, with benefits including free convention passes, logos included on the Tshirt and bags, logos on convention signage, display tables, logos on the website and in-world kiosk, and much more!  Sponsor SLCC today!

5)  Spread the word – Give a friend a discount!

As you can imagine, it is not easy getting the word out about SLCC when you’re on a tight budget and can’t spend lots of money on expensive advertising. But we do have one great resource: All of you!

Help us promote this year’s convention through word of mouth; tell your friends about the convention and let others know how excited you are to be going to SLCC10.  You can also send your friends this special discount code to get 10% off of the regular convention registration price – – and feel free to blog it, tweet it, plurk it, or send to your in-world groups!

Find web based resources like logos and graphics on our website and be sure to tag your online communications with SLCC10 whenever you can and link back to  You can also pick up a Promo Pack in world that has posters, kiosks, banners, city benches, and other decorative items that you can put on your land in Second Life.  We know that many Residents don’t necessarily read the blogs, and we hope you’ll help us spread the word in-world too.  Pick up a Promo Pack at:

6)  Get announcements in world – Join the Group!

Join the SLCC group in world and show the group tag over your avatar to let others know you’re coming to SLCC!   In Second Life, search for “SLCC Announcement List” group and click the “Join for $0L” button to keep up with the latest convention news in world.

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