Art, Machinima, & Theatre

Filthy Fluno creates an SLCC masterpiece original live at SLCC 2008.
(Image credit: Daphne Abernathy)

Track Sessions & Schedule

Artathon 2.0

Jeffrey Lipsky (SL: Filthy Fluno), CJ Ross (SL: Winter Nightfire)
Saturday & Sunday, All Day – Stanhope

Artists Jeffrey Lipsky, aka Filthy Fluno, and C.J Ross, aka Winter Nightfire will capture all the sites and sounds of the convention with their paints, pastels, and even pixels! Some of the art created will blend pixels and pigment to demonstrate links between fine art and technology.

Jeffrey Lipsky graduated from Montserrat College of Art in Beverly MA with a BFA in 1999. He is the former Executive Director of Munroe Center for the Arts, a nonprofit 501C3 arts organization specializing in arts education and studio spaces that serve the community at large. Lipsky’s style has been compared to Kandinski, Basquiat, Matisse, and Dove. “The painting is the boss,” explains CJ Ross, “It tells me what it needs to become a story, movement by movement, gesture by gesture. My job as the painter is to listen visually and to give the evolving work what it asks me to provide. These lines, shapes and colors merely represent transcriptions of my conversations with space.”

The Future of Art- How Second Life Has Changed Things

Ann Cudworth (SL: Annabelle Fanshaw), Jeffrey Lipsky (SL: Filthy Fluno); Lori Landay (SL: L1Aura Loire); Joff Chafer (SL: Joff Fassnacht); Paul Jannicola (SL: Spector Hawks); Nettrice Gaskins (SL: Nettrice Beattie)
Saturday, 11:00am to NOON – Stuart

Ann Cudworth, panel moderator, will introduce each panelist and then lead a lively discussion about the future of art in virtual worlds. With the advent of Second Life and other virtual worlds’ accessibility on social network platforms and mobile devices, our Second Life artists will have opportunities to express themselves – and market their art – on an unprecedented global scale.

Ann Latham Cudworth of NYC, is the founder of Alchemy Sims and is a two time Emmy award winning designer for Television. Her sets are seen on CBS,, as well as a host of other networks and media outlets. Jeffrey Lipsky is an artist, educator, arts community builder, and virtual entrepreneur. Fluno and his artwork has been featured in the New York Times, Boston Globe, and the Improper Bostonian. Lori Landay researches, creates, and teaches visual culture and interactive media as Associate Professor of Cultural Studies at Berklee College of Music. In Second Life, she focuses on machinima and virtual art installations and she is a member of the Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA) committee. Joff Chafer worked as a professional actor/director/designer for 20 years before moving into teaching theatre at Coventry University, UK. He is part of the team that runs Coventry University Island in SL and is a member of Avatar Repertory Theater. Paul Jannicola is the Creative Director and Co-owner of ILL Clan Studios, and has worked with clients such as CBS, Paramount, MTV, Linden Lab and Microsoft. Paul produced and shot footage for CSI: NY’s two Second Life based episodes, and most recently produced and shot the machinma videos for Linden Lab’s rebranding initiative. Nettrice Gaskin’s work explores the intersection of art, technology, and community, as well as her heritage and the effects of capitalism/colonialism unified into a common theme of identity, double-consciousness, and transcendence on the 2D picture plane, or within immersive 3D/4D space.

Blended Reality Performance: Alice in WonderSLand

Joff Chafer (SL: Joff Fassnacht), Members of Avatar Repertory Theater
Saturday, 2:30 to 3:30pm – Imperial Ballroom

This blended reality performance will showcase a demonstration of ways of mixing live and virtual performers in the same space. A brief section from Avatar Repertory Theater’s performance of Alice in WonderSLand has been reworked for a combination of live performers and live avatars.

Joff Chafer is a Senior Lecturer in Theatre at Coventry University UK and has been researching the posibilities of mixed reality performance since joining Second Life in 2006. He has performed with Metaverse Shakespeare Company (formally known as Second Life Shakespeare Company) in Hamlet and Twelfth Night and is now with Avatar Repertory Theater where he performs and occasionally directs. Iain McCracken (SL: Sodovan Torok) is a writer and programmer who stumbled across acting and theatre in SL. He has been a helper at New Citizens Inc, an editor of ANON Literary Magazine inworld, and cofounder of the Avatar Repertory Theatre. Michelle Fowler (SL: Mickie Nikolaidis) appeared in the original SL productions of “In the Pink” and “Teardrops on Roses” and in the fall of 2008, she was invited to join the Avatar Repertory Theater. Since then she has had the opportunity to expand her acting skills in roles such as Miranda from Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” to Alice in the popular production of “Alice in WonderSLand.” Other members of Avatar Repertory Theater include (SL names): MadameThespian Underhill, Ada Radius, Judith Adele, Em Jannings, AvaJean Westland, JudyArx Scribe, Elegia Underwood, Dolgoruky Umarov, and Kayden Oconnell.

How To Produce Successful Ongoing Machinima Series & Creative Cinematography Techniques

Pooky Amsterdam
Saturday, 4:00 to 5:00pm – Stuart

A brief overview of the history of Machinima as a new medium with some examples and an insiders look at the medium, the tools, the team and processes that create a successful machinima series.

Pooky Amsterdam is one of the most prolific producers of machinima today with over 125 shows on the Internet, plus 27 films. Originating Social TV with her show The 1st Question, which broadcasts live on, and The Dating Casino on, her film division has also won awards and has entries in The Shanghai Expo 2010 and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. She has been creating virtual world entertainment since 2003 when she produced Romeo & Juliet on habbo hotel. Pooky is a leading pioneer and visionary in the field of Machinima.

Art 101 in Second Life: Blogs, Roleplay, and Exhibits… Oh my!

Anthony Fontana (SL: AnthonyFontana Chevalier)
Sunday, 9:30 to 10:30am – Stuart

Anthony Fontana will present Art 101: Intro to Art, a Bowling Green State University online course created specifically to utilize Second Life as the learning environment. Fontana will discuss four assignments which include student blogs, roleplaying a famous artist in SL, and two student-curated in-world art exhibitions.

Anthony Fontana is an Instructor of Art and Learning Technologies Consultant at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. Anthony’s pedagogical research involves web 2.0 applications and modes of communication that combine with educational technologies to optimize learning outcomes by providing channels of content transfer most familiar to the student; something he calls” The Multichronic Classroom”. This work focuses on immersive learning environments such as Second Life and the way in which students engage in socially motivated peer production.


Daniel Moshel (SL: Da5id Lusch), Jeffrey Lipsky (SL: Filthy Fluno), Alice Krueger (SL: Gentle Heron)
Sunday, 11:00am to NOON – Stanhope

“Login2Life” will be a feature film contrasting several protagonists’ physical and online lives. With some footage shot inside SL and other virtual worlds, the project has been 3 years in the making so far. Learn about conceptual development, seeking funding, filming, marketing, post-production… the entire process of feature film development from its start 3 years ago to projected completion in 2011.

Daniel Moshel is an award-winning independent cinematographer and film director from Vienna, Austria. Read about some of his recent projects at Jeffrey Lipsky graduated from Montserrat College of Art in Beverly MA with a BFA in 1999. He is the former Executive Director of Munroe Center for the Arts, a nonprofit 501C3 arts organization specializing in arts education and studio spaces that serve the community at large. Lipsky’s style has been compared to Kandinski, Basquiat, Matisse, and Dove. Alice Krueger heads the Virtual Ability community of support for people with disabilities in Second Life. Alice is a former educator and educational researcher who has MS and an extensive spinal fusion. She appears in Daniel’s film, in both physical and Second Life forms.

The Making of Virtality

Juan Rubio (SL: Waxakla Voom), Bianca Ahmadi (SL: Mirra Fredriksson)
Sunday, 4:00 to 5:00pm – Stuart

VIRTALITY is a multi-channel video and sound installation with interactive components exploring the connection people have to virtual reality. This interactive installation uses machinima projected in several screens to simulate the user experience of logging in, navigating, chatting, friending, and crashing in Second Life. The machinima also recreates a user relationship to others, to the self, and the virtual space. It is the purpose of VIRTALITY to create an experience where the physical and virtual space come together as one, and allow the user to directly affect the artwork itself. The presentation will focus on the process of creating VIRTALITY including artistic, technical and production work. This includes original machinima by filmmakers Juan Rubio and Bianca Ahmadi. In addition, original sound by artist Myroslaw Bytz, virtual art by Oberon Onmura and Alizarin Goldflake, and dance choreography by Konic Thtr. for more information.

Juan Rubio is a media artist working in video, virtual worlds and web design. He teaches technology and media to at-risk youth in New York City. His work has been shown at Manhattan Neighborhood Network, Paper Tiger Television, Jack the Pelican Presents and at Queens Museum. He has incorporated Second Life in the after-school program at JS 344 in Harlem. He holds an MA in Media Studies from The New School University. Originally from Honduras, he is also fluent in Spanish. Bianca Ahmadi Is a video artist and filmmaker emphasizing sound collage and virtuality. She received her M.A. from The New School University in 2008 and her films have been screened at 92Y Tribeca, Anthology Film Archives, and Galapagos Art Space, among others. She currently resides in New York City.

About the Track

The Art, Machinima, & Theatre track celebrates the diversity of artistic endeavors in Second Life. Large scale immersive art installations, ballet, theatre, performance art, machinima, and plays.

Track Leader

The Art, Machinima, & Theatre track is run by Gwenette Sinclair (SL: Gwenette Writer), who has organized many multi-day events, including Peace Fest 2008-10, Kennesaw State University Grand Opening, and the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education conference on Kennesaw State U islands in 2009.  She also has experience organizing events when she was in the private education sector and the tourist industry.